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System Source IT Management Pizza Webinar - Urgent Security Lessons using Verizon’s Analysis of 23,896 IT Security Incidents
Wednesday, July 13, 2022 | 12 noon to 1:00pm


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Reviewing independent, data-driven research is critical when choosing next security steps.

System Source invites you to an IT Management Pizza Webinar on “Urgent Security Lessons using Verizon’s Analysis of 23,896 IT Security Incidents” for those making security decisions.

We’ll deliver pizza to your home or office for this webinar! 

Maury Weinstein, System Source Co-Founder, is passionate about avoiding breaches and will use his 40 years managing thousands of workstations and servers for a non-technical discussion of:

  • 3 patterns covering 90% of incidents!
  • 23,896 security incidents from 80 security firms
  • Inexpensive security wins
  • Security priorities by industry to focus on known risks
  • Finding your organization’s security comfort level
  • Helping top management make security decisions

This delicious pizza webinar is on Wednesday, 7/13 from Noon - 1.


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