System Source – Volunteers to Run Disaster Assistance Calls

Hunt Valley, MD – July 2, 2019 (PR NEWSWIRE) – System Source – Volunteers to Run Disaster Assistance Calls.  Harlan, Texas received over 12” of rain that has flooded the city and its surrounding area.

There are many organizations on the ground to assist in the cleanup efforts. System Source has agreed, for the month of July, to assist remotely, (from their headquarters in Hunt Valley, MD), running the call center: 9:00 am to 11:00 am every day.

“Because of technology, we’re able to assist remotely and help those in need!” – Bob Roswell, System Source’s Co-founder and leader of this initiative. Bob Roswell is also a member of Information Technology Disaster Resource Center (ITDRC) and has participated in many disaster relief efforts.

ITDRC America's premier team of volunteer technology professionals - Connecting Communities in Crisis


About System Source

System Source is a regional systems integrator. We have the people, processes and tools to help clients improve, maintain and acquire IT and AV Systems. The business was incorporated in Maryland in 1981 as a ComputerLand franchise. In 1991, we changed our name to System Source. In 2003, we purchased Connected Resources and in 2004 we acquired Ociter Enterprises.

System Source is privately held and locally owned. The System Source Foundation matches employee contributions to the community.

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