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While System Source is working from home, we are still available for all of your calls and support needs.

The System Source Speakers Bureau is part of our public service to business, marketing, nonprofit and professional groups in the Baltimore metropolitan area.  Our speakers will customize presentations and even combine topics to fit your group's needs. There is no fee.

Look through our entire list of topics for both your personal and professional affiliations.

To arrange a speaker, contact Mike Jones:

(marketing@syssrc.com) or 410.771.5544 x4355


2020 Topics:



Executive / Management

Sales & Marketing

Cost Savings

Human Resources - Corporate Culture - Performance



Computer Museum Tour – Hunt Valley, MD

See the Computer Museum - featured on PBS NewsHour.

Learn computer history at System Source's Computer Museum in Hunt Valley.
This hands-on, interactive collection includes:

  • Pre-industrial computation tools
  • The punch card era including a 1957 software library of plug boards
  • First generation PCs - Altair and IMSAI, second generation Apple, IBM and Compaq PCs
  • Exhibits on the history of memory, storage, and much more!

Bob Roswell, Co-Owner of System Source for 39 years, and museum curator, will be your tour guide for this walk down memory lane.

The museum is open by appointment only, and available to school groups, families, scout troops, etc. and businesses wanting to take their team on a 'field trip'.

Amazon Web Services: Exploring AWS and Migration Paths to the Cloud (:60)

System Source is an Amazon Partner certified to provide cloud architecture, migration and management. Highlighting our experience, we'll discuss how Amazon provides infrastructure and application services to move almost everything to the cloud.

Dennis Kloster, System Source Senior Consultant, will discuss:

  • What is AWS?
  • Mapping on premises resources to AWS
  • Best candidates for migration
  • Gathering information for migration
  • Responsibilities in the cloud
  • Client experiences

Cloud Planning Initiatives

Dennis Kloster, System Source Senior Consultant will share his experiences with:

  • Best practices for where to start
  • Prioritizing easy wins
  • Modeling costs of cloud solutions including Office 365 and AWS
  • Preparing for the impact on systems and staff

Learning from our 152,000 completed IT support tickets and 16,000 satisfaction surveys (:75)

A non-technical management discussion by Maury Weinstein, President, and Rich Glenn, Technical Services Director on how IT support is best delivered for cloud and on premise systems balancing:

  • Limited IT staffing
  • Controlling costs
  • SLA expectations
  • Metrics
  • Preventing disasters

Security Lessons from Verizon's Analysis of 42,000 Security Incidents (:75)

This non-technical session offers data driven advice from breaches reported by 65 security firms (Akamai to US Secret Service) including:

  • Quick and inexpensive wins to increase security
  • 9 incident patterns covering 88% of breacjes
  • Security recommendations by industry
  • Preventing random security buying by targeting known risks

Open Source Telephony (:30-:45)

non-technical session OR :60 technical session & features demo)

For companies exploring changing their current telephone system, Bob Roswell, Co-Owner of System Source, will share with you his process for recently making this switch.  This informative session will help you to:

  • Scale a phone system to any size company
  • Find lower cost options with more features
  • Understand hosted vs. unhosted office phone systems
  • Compare Asterisk phone system to Nortel, Avaya, Cisco, others

IT Career Paths (:60)

(technical management)

In this talk, we consider ways of using career paths to attract and retain highly skilled technical staff.  Rich Glenn, Director of Technical Services of System Source, will share his experience with technical staff management and development, covering:

  • Top 5 reasons people stay at a job
  • Designing career paths
  • Training ladder to reach next level

Unique Data Source Forensic Collections: the Cloud, Social Media, SharePoint (:60)

Presented by: Blazer Catzen

Forensic collection is no long just servers or custodian workstations. With the adaptation of the cloud, social media, collaborative platforms, into business practices, eDiscovery teams must learn how to perform a forensically sound collection of these unique data sources. In this session, you will learn the practical strategies when collecting from web based repositories, such as:
  • The configuration details the forensic specialist must gather prior to collection
  • Sound forensic practices when collecting from these sources
  • How to collect these data into a useable/reviewable format

*Note:  Blazer Catzen is a computer forensic analyst for his firm: Catzen Consulting, which is co-located within the System Source headquarters building.  We are happy to facilitate his speaking, however, he will be presenting independently of System Source.

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Sales & Marketing

Email Marketing (:60) - with exercise

Maury Weinstein, President of System Source, advises that anyone could create great email marketing even with no marketing background.  Session includes short email writing exercise.  He'll cover email: 

  • Content
  • Execution
  • List creation

Relationship Marketing (:45)

Maury Weinstein, President of System Source, discusses relationship marketing programs and shares what has worked for his organization. He will talk about:

  • Relationship marketing and essential requirements for success
  • How to deepen client relationships and unhook prospects from competitors
  • Marketing program results
  • Credible messages
  • Importance of identifying prospect needs
  • Cross department selling

Establishing Credibility Credibly (:15)

In this short talk, Maury Weinstein, President of System Source, shares how his organization is creating marketing messages to boost their credibility with clients during flat economic periods.  He'll discuss low-cost, high impact messages that invite recall, that engage clients in a dialogue and that proactively answers questions about the company's strength.

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Executive / Management

Critical Questions to Ask Before Outsourcing IT Management (:60)

Maury Weinstein, President of System Source, provides a non-technical briefing of Managed Service, and how IT support is best delivered balancing:

  • Limited IT staffing
  • Controlling costs
  • Responding to help desk calls
  • Best practices
  • Preventing disasters
  • Evaluating ROI of moving mail to Microsoft’s Office 365 cloud
  • Client experiences

Strategies for Change and Practices Supporting Them (:60-:90)

This presentation focuses on setting up your organization for change. Maury Weinstein, President of System Source, will share methods for compensation, employee motivation, performance assessment and merit increases that support rather than thwart change.

Customer Satisfaction Measurements (:45)

Maury Weinstein, President of System Source, has been measuring customer satisfaction results for years. At each and every opportunity, he is not only listening to the customers - but actively surveying them - to see what they really think of our people and the services we provide.

Topics include:

  • Examples
  • Our best practices
  • What to do with the data

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Human Resources - Corporate Culture - Performance

Getting the Most from your Employees (:60)

Maury Weinstein, President of System Source, shares how to get the most from your employees utilizing a variety of methods from reporting to scheduled 'fun'. The average tenure of the directors and managers at System Source is well over 15 years.

Topics include:

  • Assessments tied to merit increase system
  • Fun committee
  • Playing to strengths
  • Systematizing Employee activities
  • Productivity survey
  • Dashboards

Fun@Work (:60)

(team-based culture)

Maury Weinstein, President of System Source, will share how to create a lively, team-based office culture.  You'll hear many creative ideas, see great photos of unique events, and learn how to create your own Fun@Work program.  The magazine, "Baltimore Smart CEO" featured System Source's corporate culture in their Feb. 2002 issue.

Building a Monthly Assessment System (:60)

(assessments and merit increase management)

Monthly assessments?  Maury Weinstein, President of System Source, makes the case for improving assessment tools and merit increase systems, including the radical process of holding monthly assessment meetings for all staff.  He'll cover:

  • Performance goals and strokes
  • Merit increase and process behind it
  • Results

Can $5 and a 12-Minute Test Predict Performance? (:60)

(business performance)

Hear about the experience of one company that is using a quick assessment tool as part of its hiring process. Maury Weinstein, President of System Source, will describe his company's 16-year experience using the Wonderlic Personnel Test to evaluate potential personnel and their ability to learn.  He will share stories about its effectiveness in predicting performance and talk about how National Football League teams are using the Wonderlic to pick quarterbacks.

How to Retain & Attract Top IT Talent in Face of Low Unemployment (:60-:75)

System Source President Maury Weinstein draws on his 39 years’ IT experience to creatively cover:

  • Fun@Work
  • Career path and competencies
  • Measuring team and individual progress
  • Using client satisfaction data to motivate
  • Systematized approaches to getting things done
  • Making workloads decline
  • Maturing your IT with best practices
  • How industry researcher Gartner assigns “Run, Grow and Transform” responsibilities

Effective Problem Solving (:45)


In his role as System Source Technical Director, Rich Glenn is asked by clients to help them resolve problems.  His talk is not about technology, but about the process and techniques one can use to understand the situation and find a resolution that works.  

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Cost Savings

Reducing Your IT Costs (:75)

Maury Weinstein, Co-Owner of System Source, uses his 39 years in IT to discuss actionable methods to reduce IT costs. This non-technical seminar is designed for managers and owners working with IT as well as IT managers. He'll discuss:

  • Gartner's Run, Grow, Transform
  • IT Maturity
  • Smart investing
  • Controlling personnel costs
  • Metrics
  • Gartner Hype Cycle

Building a Cost Effective and Crisis Free IT Team (:60-:75)

System Source President Maury Weinstein draws on his 39 years of IT experience to cover:

  • Controlling personnel costs
  • Security priorities using latest independent research
  • Maturing your IT with best practices
  • Measuring progress including satisfaction
  • How industry researcher Gartner assigns “Run, Grow and Transform” responsibilities
  • Smart investing including Office 365