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While System Source is working from home, we are still available for all of your calls and support needs.
System Source Pizza Webinar – Fighting Ransomware by Creating Immutable Backups Attackers Can’t Delete or Encrypt
Thursday, November 04, 2021 | 12 noon to 1:00pm


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New to System Source?

System Source invites you to a pizza webinar on “Fighting Ransomware by Creating Immutable Backups Attackers Can’t Delete or Encrypt” for managers responsible for IT and staff.  Immutability mitigates ransomware risks by ensuring hackers cannot delete or encrypt backups.

We’ll deliver pizza to your home or office to enjoy during this webinar.

Rich Glenn, Director of Technical Services and highly rated in presentations, will use his 25 years of tenure to discuss and demonstrate:

  • How immutable backups lower business risk at a low cost
  • Immutable storage using AWS
  • Pro and cons of immutability
  • Backup ideas beyond immutability – from the System Source labs

This webinar is Thursday, November 4th from noon – 12:45.

Online registrations only for this event, please