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The Computer Museum Open House - 1st Tour 3:15pm to 4:00pm
Hunt Valley, MD

You are invited to the System Source Computer Museum Open House! An original Apple 1 is our newest acquisition. Only 200 were built by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in 1976-77. Ours is one of 10 on public display!

Bob Roswell, Co-Founder of System Source for 37 years and museum curator, will walk you down memory lane selecting from >1000 museum pieces including the:

  • Univac from early space missions
  • Original Ron Wayne documents selling his Apple shares back to the Steves
  • IMSAI from the movie “War Games”
  • IBM card punch and sorter
  • 7-foot slide rule
  • 3500 lb Linotype with single fonts weighing 40 lbs
  • TV watch from early James Bond movies
  • Bell Systems Picture Phone from the 1964 World’s Fair
  • Pre-Industrial computing tools
  • Mechanical computing devices
  • First generation PCs - Altair and IMSAI
  • Second generation Apple, IBM and Compaq PCs

We likely have the first few systems you worked on!

This free and exciting tour with refreshments is Wednesday, September 18th from 3 - 7 pm at System Source in Hunt Valley. Kindly RSVP to attend.

Register Now, or Call System Source at 410.771.5544 x5